Unfettering 十博官网手机版家' Productivity and Impact

Your Voices Were Heard on January 23!

1月23日, 2017, 我们主张十博官网手机版家, 十博官网手机版工作者, 十博官网手机版教育工作者, 创造性的企业家, 独立设计师, 和创造性的思想者 想象十博官网手机版的未来. From the emerging to the established, we heard from artists and arts professionals of all experience levels and cultural backgrounds, across all disciplines and sectors, representing every part of the state and beyond.

"FAF was the first "future-centered" convening that many of us have attended where the focus wasn't on "how can artists get more?," but rather "how can the future be more inclusive, 公平的, and just; and how are arts and culture a part of that?" This frame is such an important shift that all of us working in the arts can take back into the work we are doing. Centering the youth voice and holding it to the same level of respect and inquiry as the others in the room is empowering for all involved."


Generational, cultural, and economic changes are impacting the arts. How will the field respond to these and other trends to create vibrant new pathways to participate in for-profit, 非营利组织, 公民, and social projects as a way for those in the arts to not only sustain themselves but to thrive?

Using a futurist-oriented convening format, we considered what we know about the past and the present to generate long-term scenarios for the future. Thoughts and ideas will be shared on this site through a documentation report in order to influence policies and strategies.

Together, we explored three broad topics:

  1. 工作性质

    What will be the role of artists and arts professionals?
  2. 参与的性质

    Who will be in the arts and whom should the arts serve?
  3. 十博官网手机版领域

    What should happen to the arts sector of the future? How might it shift to serve a changing America? And what will be the financial models of the future?



总统 & CEO Angie Kim's Keynote Address, January 23, 2017.


 Studio Vism摄影. Click for a downloadable PDF transcript. 


Documentation of 未来的十博官网手机版向前 by Alexis Frasz

A project of the 文化创新中心, in collaboration with Arizona State University and Bennington College, 6月, 2017